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March 29, 2019

As autumn settles in and we finish off March It’s time to think about what read for the next month. As well as reading from my personal shelves I also have three ARC’s that come out in April and a few coming out in May that I’d like to get a head start on as my May looks to be busy. So what does my TBR shelves look like for April? Some fantasy, some Yong Adult, and one anthology of essays.

April To Be Read book list image

So the list breaks down as follows:

  1. The Soulstealers by Jacqueline Rohrbach
  2. Nonbinary: Memoirs of Gender and Identity edited by Micah Rajunov and Scott Duane
  3. Songlines: Sentinels of Eden #1 by Carolyn Denman
  4. A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin
  5. On The Come Up by Angie Thomas
  6. City of Dark Magic by Magnus Flyte
  7. The Past and Other Things That Should Stay Buried by Shaun David Hutchinson
  8. Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James

The Soulstealers

This is a female led YA fantasy about druids responsible for keeping a floating palace afloat but there is a dark secret about where their magic comes from. It promises LGBT themes and I’m legit excited to start this one, probably one of my most anticipated ARCS!


This an anthology of first person narratives of nonbinary persons and their experiences, something I look forward to reading about. While I am happy in my binary gender expression I do enjoy reading other views withing the Gender Diverse Community. Also it include some of my favourite and well respected nonbinary and gender outlaws!


Another YA fantasy, this time about guardians of the Garden of Eden, which apparently is in the middle of Australia. It definitely sound like something I would enjoy and is a concept I haven’t read before. Also the main character is of indigenous background which I’m happy to see.

A Clash Of Kings

I have a love-hate with this series already, I so much want to read it and love the story thus far (and yes I have watched the show). But I hate split perspective storytelling at the best of times when you only have two perspectives to worry about. But in this series, you have 10 perspectives and some of the character I frankly don’t care about. This will be the most likely book to not be read come May 1st. Also number one contender for me to listen to via audiobook.

On The Come Up

I first heard of this book from Kayla of Books and Lala and then again from Hailey from Hailey in Bookland and they both spoke highly of it. This will be a nice break from all the fantasy on this list thus far. I love Angie Thomas’s previous novel The Hate U Give.

The Past and Other Things That Should Stay Buried

This is my most anticipated book on this list, for sure. It sounds like the weird Magical Realism I like with dead people coming back to life but we don’t know how and why. Also the main character is a teen boy who works as a help in his parents funeral home and the un-dead person is his ex-best friend. YES PLEASE!

Black Leopard, Red Wolf

I’ll admit I picked this up originally strictly because of the beautiful typography on the cover, but then the synopsis had me bringing it home. This is a fantasy mystery thriller(?) that takes place in Africa, based on African Mythology and Fairytales and sound super interesting.

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