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March Wrap Up

April 9, 2019

Sorry, this is coming so late in the month, but I guess if it is before the 15th is it really late though? March was my first month digging back into reading and actually trying out new books, It was my first month also of reading and requesting ARC’s. So what exactly did I manage to read this month?

March Wrap Up book stack

Game of Thrones – George R. R. Martin

This is a series I have meant to read pretty much since the TV show first came out. Now I wasn’t an instant fan of the TV show and so that dampened my desire to read the series as well. Then 2 years ago I met my boyfriend and Game of Thrones is his favourite series and he has read all the books and he encouraged me to do both. Well, I watched the show and fell in love with it (Sansa is my bae) and still put off reading these books. At first, I tried audiobook but the narrator was so slow and dry, that I switched back to physical again, then finally ended up mixing between the two(with audiobook at a 1.75x speed we were good).

It was good, not amazing or excellent, but good, I want to finish the series as I know there are some things that diverge from the TV show a bit, but I don’t really like split perspectives in books let alone 6-10 perspectives especially when some of them you just wanted to shut up (Bran).

Overall I give it 3 Stars.

Fat Angie: Rebel Girl Revolution front cover

Fat Angie: Rebel Girl Revoloution – e.E. Charlton-Trujillo

This was the first ARC that I had started and was really hoping that I would enjoy it, which I did to an extent, the plot was pretty good, the writing overall let me down. You can read a more in-depth review at the full post I wrote about it here.

What I did discover during this process is I have fallen out of love with my kindle. I’m not sure what exactly was going on but I definitely am not feeling ebooks right now.

Overall I gave it 3 stars

Respect Mike Hunt front cover

Respect Mike Hunt – Virginia and Tom Hanada, Amanda Joyce (Illustrator)

This was another ARC and a delightful surprise at that. This following the new trend of picture books for adults tackles the important topic of consent and in a way that is readily accessible to even those who might say “not all men”. Check out my full review over here.

I gave it 5 stars

Carry On front cover

Carry On – Rainbow Rowell

My friend, Jamie, recommended this book to me at least 5 times and then another friend loaned it to me, and it sat on my TBR for oh a couple of months. I wanted to read it but I’d pick up the book and read the synopsis and it just never felt like what I wanted to read. Then it did and OH MY GODDESS! To say I loved this book is an understatement, I adored every part of this book, I actually enjoyed the split perspectives, here they were done well and added to the story.

This book was everything I wanted from so many books, I loved Baz almost instantly and Simon, sweet little Simon. Even though it’s been nearly a month since I finished this I’m still not sure I can accurately review it. I love the ending and I love how obvious some of the parts are, yet how oblivious everyone in them are.

Needless to say I gave it 5 stars.

Last Time I Lied – Riley Sager

This was a book recommended by Books and Lala over on YouTube, and it has been a while since I have read a thriller so I decided to give it a try, especially with the interesting synopsis. When Emma was last at Camp Nightingale her three cabinmates went missing, never to be seen again. 15 years later an adult Emma returns to teach art at the newly reopened Camp Nightingale, and events seem to be happening again, can Emma stop them in time?

This novel was so gripping and I plowed through it in one day happily reading and growling at anyone who dare disturb me during it. It was an interesting book that really looks at how trauma effects us and specifically how different people respond to the trauma of it all. It also touches on how unreliable memories can be. I did find the pacing to slip between really fast and then excruciatingly slow at times and strangely lacking much descriptors.

I rated it 4 stars.

Dawn to Dark front cover

Dawn to Dark – edited by Halston James

This was an ARC I got that sounded so good, retellings of classic fairy tales, most of them modernised, and with a darker twist to some of them. This is the only book and only ARC I have DNF’d this year so far. It was bad, like beyond cringe-worthy bad, like burn it and scatter it’s ashes bad!

The first story, a Cinderella retelling, I got about three chapters into before I just could not ANYMORE! It was so incredibly problematic, first of all, our female lead has to sneak off to university in order to get away from the abuse and trauma of her home, she is shy and broken, and shivers and flinches every time someone looks at her.

Our lead is a football player and president of a fraternity, but he’s different. Their only interaction is when they collide of the first day and she cowers in fear when he goes to remove a twig from her hair, and THAT MAKES HIM FALL IN LOVE WITH HER! THAT INTERACTION ALONE! GAH!!! The final straw for me is when he accepts from a lower member of the Fraternity a dare to woo our lead and then break her heart. LIKE WHAT?!?! First, that’s not how fraternities work, secondly WHAT?

From there I skipped to the next story which was a modernised version of Aladdin. It was basically Disney’s Aladdin like almost word for word including a monkey named Abu and all. The genie is supposed to be a hacker instead of actual magic. I just kept waiting for them to sing the Disney songs. After that, I just couldn’t read anymore.

I gave it 1 star because negative stars aren’t a thing.

Not That Bad – edited by Roxane Gay

This was such a haunting and brilliant read, I keep thinking back to different essays within this collection, trying to find the one I liked the most and really they were all amazing. I wrote a more in-depth review here, but let me just say again, get the audiobook. Each author reads their own works and it was so powerful and moving.

Also you will cry, get over it!

I gave it 5 stars, it’s a must read!

Slave to Sensation front cover

Slave to Sensation – Nalini Singh

This was a re-read of the first book in the Psy/Changeling series by popular and NTY best selling novelist Nalini Singh still has me as captivated as It did the first time I read it 5 years ago. These are my semi-trashy goto guilty pleasure books. I just love the relationships. The writing. The raw desire present! Nalini Singh always seems to pull me into all the drama and pain along with the joy and the lust!

I must say this is one of those books who upon rereading I like less than I did before, but still deeply engaging and enjoyed it, I’m in the process of reading the entire series again, so be warned!

Not a huge fan of this printing though just feels so cheap and nasty.

Gave it 4 stars this time round.

Hollow Earth front cover

Hollow Earth – John Barrowman and Carole E. Barrowman.

This is the final book that I read in March and if you read my ‘Get To Know Me’ Book Tag it has been on my TBR the longest of any book I still possess at nearly 7 years. I figure now was as good as any time to read it!

This book was to art what Inkheart was to books, and I wish I could say it was as good as that book, but alas it was not. I feel like the major issues with this was that the authors didn’t trust their audience to be able to handle a larger book. As such it was majorly rushed in many parts and underdeveloped. I think it could have easily been 100 pages longer and still enjoyed by its target audience.

Also a pet peeve of mine are books that are part of a series but don’t stand alone especially the first in the series, and this book leaves a lot of loose ends without much conclusion, leaving it feeling more like it ends halfway through than it being it’s own book.

I gave it 3 stars.

So that’s it all the books I read this month! 9 books! I’m pretty happy with that and if I am able to keep this up then I will easily achieve my Goodreads 2019 challenge of reading 100 books (which I am still behind on but we can do this!)

What did you read in March?

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