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REVIEW: The Space Between Lost and Found

February 6, 2020
The Space Between Lost and Found Book Cover
The Space Between Lost and Found Middle-Grade Contemporary Bloomsbury Paperback 272 pages

Cassie’s always looked up to her mom, a vivacious woman with big ideas and a mischievous smile. Together they planned to check off every item on a big-dream bucket list, no matter how far the adventure would take them. But then Mom was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, and everything changed.

Now, Cassie tries to keep Mom happy, and to understand some of Dad’s restrictive new rules. She tries to focus on math lessons and struggles to come up with art ideas that used to just burst off her pen. When Mom’s memories started to fade, so did Cassie’s inspiration. And even worse, she’s accidentally pushed away Bailey, the one friend who could make it all okay.

After the worst Mom day yet, the day she forgets Cassie’s name, Cassie decides to take action. It’s time for one last adventure, even if it means lying and taking a big risk to get there. Sandy Stark-McGinnis, acclaimed author of Extraordinary Birds, explores big questions – the kind that don’t always have answers – in a powerful story about family, friendship, and the memories that will always be part of us.

My Thoughts:

Sandy Stark-McGinnis has a unique ability to write intense and beautiful stories about traumatic situations with a delicacy that does not overwhelm. She doesn’t shy from the negatives and ensures the childlike spirit is woven solidly in her stories. The Space Between Lost and Found highlights this just as well as Extraordinary Birds did.

Cassie is struggling to stay a child while often having to look after her mum, with early-onset Alzheimers, slowly losing more of her self as her mum loses memories. Her friend struggles to connect and find her beneath it all while Cassie keeps it all close to her chest.

Cassie’s dad has swung to overprotectiveness and scared of what to do saying no to everything her mum wants. Cassie feels more like they should let her mum experience everything she can before it is all gone. As Cassie’s plot begins to hatch it does so with childlike bumps.

What I loved the most about this was how we see Cassie find herself again, slowly realising in trying to protect her mother she has shut everyone else out. She stopped doing the things she used to love and that is only making things worse. This book perfectly shows the difficulty of grief over someone who is still living but is also not there. I loved it so much and could wax poetically about it for ages!

Don’t judge this book my it’s Middle-Grade age range I think it has a lesson many of us still need to hear. Go read it now!

I give The Space Between Lost and Found:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Space Between Lost and Found by Sandy Stark-McGinnis will be published on the 28th of April 2020 by Bloomsbury. You can preorder your own copy at Booktopia, or wherever you like to purchase books.

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  • Reply littlemissstar55 February 6, 2020 at 10:39 pm

    The cover for this book is so gorgeous! I absolutely love the detail.
    I’ll have to add this one to my wish list after your glowing review.

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