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REVIEW: Ruthless Gods

May 28, 2020
Ruthless Gods Book Cover
Ruthless Gods Something Dark and Holy Young Adult Fantasy Wednesday Hardcover 544 pages

Darkness never works alone…

Nadya doesn’t trust her magic anymore. Serefin is fighting off a voice in his head that doesn’t belong to him. Malachiasz is at war with who–and what–he’s become.

As their group is continually torn apart, the girl, the prince, and the monster find their fates irrevocably intertwined. They’re pieces on a board, being orchestrated by someone… or something. The voices that Serefin hears in the darkness, the ones that Nadya believes are her gods, the ones that Malachiasz is desperate to meet—those voices want a stake in the world, and they refuse to stay quiet any longer.

My Thoughts:

I don’t even know where to start with this review. I really enjoyed Wicked Saints and found it to be clever and fascinating with a world that I was intensely interested to learn more about and discover new things! As such, I was so hyped for Ruthless Gods as soon as it was announced I requested an ARC. I impatiently awaited reading this and then in March I picked it up, and could not get into it.

I found the characters were so very different feeling to the first time I read it so I decided to wait for the audiobook as that’s how I originally read the series and thought maybe it was the switch to an e-book that was throwing things. But no I still couldn’t get into it, with it taking 32 days to read 544 pages. It was a rambling mess with Nadya talking and thinking about a boy for most of it.

Gone was the rich world of the Kalyazin faith and Gods, instead it was all about worrying about Malachiasz. Mixed in with this was a tale of Old Gods trying to rise, and a rambling shambles of plotline that wove around like a drunk goat. Meanwhile, Cocky Arrogant wonderful Serefin was whittled down to a whiney drunk brat who overall was apathetic. Not even the new romance for the prince could make yup for how betrayed I felt by these rewritten characters.

Hidden in this all was a story I actually enjoyed on some level and I am interested in what happens next but I overall am disappointed that this book had none of the cleverness that attracted me to the first book. It was too busy beating you over the head with it’s moral.

I give Ruthless Gods:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

A Review Copy of this book was provided to me by the publishers in exchange for an honest review.

Ruthless Gods by Emily A Duncan Was published on the 7th of April 2020 by Wednesday Books. You can purchase your own copy at Mighty Ape, Booktopia, Macmillan Books, or wherever you like to purchase books.

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