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F is For Friday: 26 April 2019

April 26, 2019

This week has included to statuary days off, Easter Monday and ANZAC Day, which makes this a short week with lots of reading time. I am continuing to do this Friday book blog meme created by Nomadic Worlds

How to participate in the meme:
1. Credit the creator of this tag (Nomadic Worlds) and link back.
2. Answer the four questions to the best of your ability.
3. Most important of all, enjoy yourself!

F – Feature your latest book obsession (it doesn’t have to be your current read).
I – Indicate which book/s you are looking forward to reading this weekend.
F – Favorite quote of the week/day.
F – Five things you’re happy or grateful for this week.

F – Feature your latest book obsession (it doesn’t have to be your current read)

Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire is one of those books that I had never heard of until I entered the bookish community and it was first introduced to me by Kayla of Books and Lala on Youtube. I recently got a Scribd account and this was on there so I gave it a go and OMG, I cannot stop thinking about it! This book not only is a very interesting premise of “What happens to those who travel to other worlds when they return?” but great representation. You have an asexual main character who is not aromantic, a trans boy, and a butch girl, just for starters. I’m already halfway through book 2.

I – Indicate which book/s you are looking forward to reading this weekend.

Hazel and Holly by Sara C. Snider, sounds like a cute light fun fantasy novel that I would enjoy. I have an E-ARC of it so away we go! Sadly I got distracted by Red, White & Royal Blue so never started this as I then read other things like The Devouring Gray and Every Heart a Doorway. But this weekend I will read this!

My reading list is getting longer and I am getting luckier, as I mentioned last week The Lost Coast by Amy Rose Capetta is another book I am deeply looking forward to and I was again lucky enough to receive an E-ARC of it despite all of my expectations! Thank you so much to Candlewick Press!

Finally I have heard nothing but excellent things about Starworld by Audrey Coulthurst and Paula Garner. It seems like the kind of thing I would like similar to Bridge to Terabithia, but gayer and hopefully less tragic.

F – Favorite quote of the week/day

Sinners who were led astray,

Wandered through the woods one day,

Stumbled right into the Gray,

Never to return.

Hear the lies our gods will tell,

The prison the Four wove so well,

But listen to us when we say:

Branches and stones, daggers and bones,

Will meet their judgement day.

Church of the Four Deities – The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman

I listened to the audiobook of The Devouring Gray and this song that gets sung (and is beautifully done in the audiobook) has been stuck in my head since. The book itself wasn’t super great, pretty YA magic girl fantasy formulaic. You know young girl moves back to parents hometown and discovers she’s magic and only she can save the day. The world was interesting and was really what made this book good. Also, this book was so bisexual like everyone and their pet fish was bisexual, it almost felt tokenish.

F – Five things you’re happy or grateful for this week.

  1. Whitcoulls is having a buy one get one half off Young Adult books.
  2. Got new tea from T2 which is great. (New York Breakfast and Lamington if you are curious)
  3. My Scribd account which has been absolutely brilliant. I love audiobooks for getting ready to and while cooking or doing other chores.
  4. Reading The King of Bones and Ashes by J.D. Horn via audiobook with my boyfriend.
  5. Game of Thrones this week… Oh, Sansa you badass!

Thanks again for reading this Friday post. Do you enjoy posts like this? Would you like to see more things like this? Please let me know below in the comments.

What are you looking forward to reading this weekend?

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    Those books look really interesting!

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