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Book Tag: 2019 Mid-Year Book Freak Out

July 4, 2019

Well, half the year is gone. How have I fared in reading so far in 2019? I have seen this Mid-Year Book Freak Out tag almost literally everywhere! have to admit the past month hasn’t been a great one for me when it comes to blogging, so here’s hoping July goes better.

First off up to today I have read 52 books so far this year as of July 1st. That is 17,605 pages!

#1: Best book you’ve read so far in 2019.

The Lost Coast front cover

This is so hard, how do I choose which of the books I read was the best? Like this is an unfair question and I refuse to answer it!


I’ll go with The Lost Coast by Amy Rose Capetta. There is so much I love about this book and its Californian gay witches and fae like magic and ghosts. It made me homesick and reminded me of being a young queer girl all at once. I really liked the plot and the imagery was tres spooky.

#2: Best sequel you’ve read so far in 2019.

The Ladys Guide to petticoats and piracy front cover

I’m not sure I read a lot of sequels this year, although I guess I have read a few series now that I think about it. I’m tempted to say something from the Raven boys but my favourite is The Raven King bus is that really a sequel?

I think I have to say The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy by Mackenzi Lee. I think on some levels I enjoyed this more than the first book as I found Felicity’s flaws much more annoying and her comeuppance much more satisfying.

#3: New release you haven’t read yet but want to.

We Hunt The Flame front cover

Ugh, so many! Like an unbearable amount and I find out even more every day!

All that I think the book I’m most excited to read that has already been released and isn’t part of some greater series I have not read is easily We Hunt The Flame by Hafsah Faizal. Everything about this books sounds super cool and interesting. Yes please, to more dystopian fantasy that’s outside of western society. Especially written by someone who has ancestry pertaining to the area.

#4: Most anticipated release for the second half of the year.

Wayward Son front cover

Without a doubt absolutely and completely has to be Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell. I love these two boys as if they were my own sons. Carry On is such an amazing book which I love every page and moment of. I can’t wait to read what secrets we find out in this book. I can’t wait to see Simon and Baz’s love bloom even more.

#5: Biggest disappointment.

Black Leopard Red Wolf front cover

This book was by far one of my most anticipated books of early 2019. A gritty Fantasy based in Africa and on African Mythology sounded amazing. First off it was some of the most pretentious writing I have ever read, intelligently meandering about the page. I could forgive this if it wasn’t meandering through vulgar bestiality, paedophilia, and rape. I ended up DNFing this within the first chapter, there was no way I could read 620 pages of this.

#6: Biggest surprise.

Wicked Saints front cover

Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan arrived in my Owl Crate, otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have picked it up. I’m so glad it did. I went into this book with low expectations, thinking it wasn’t really my thing. I! WAS! WRONG! I loved this book, the culture clashes that happen. The Religious structures were fascinating, the world building brilliant and the story wonderful. When’s the next one coming out?

#7: Favorite new author.

Easily hands down Anna-Marie McLemore. I checked her out this year on recommendation by Kayla of Books and Lala, and wowee. Over the past three months I have ordered every one of her books read it and enjoyed it. When the Moon Was Ours is my favourite magical realism queer story of all time. I would read a grocery list written by Anna-Marie.

#8: Newest fictional crush.

The Raven Boys Front Cover

Adam Parrish. I’m not sure you can call it a crush so much and I want to protect him and keep him safe. But Oh, how he pops into my thoughts continually. In a lesser sense Noah Czerny, and actually the whole gang but Adam Parrish the most.

#9: Newest favorite character.

Every Heart a Doorway front cover

I’ve met a lot of new characters from all sorts of world this year so far. Bri from On The Come Up. Blue Sargent from the Raven Cycle. Alex Claremont-Diaz from Red, White, and Royal Blue. But I think Kade from Every Heart A Doorway is my very favourite Character I met this year. This series though has a lot of good characters in it and some who I like just as much as Kade. But Kade is definitely my favourite.

#10: Book that made you cry.

This is a tie between two books by the same author; A Thousand Perfect Notes, and The Boy Who Steals Houses. These two books both had me crying so hard, harder than I have cried at the end of most books. C.G. Drews writes such emotionally intense scenes and such sweet cinnamon rolls. She then throws a million bad things at these sweet cinnamon rolls. Both very good books.

#11: Book that made you happy.

I Wish You All The Best front cover

Hands down, this had to go to I Wish You All The Best by Mason Deaver. While parts of this book made me so freaking angry, for most of it I was so ecstatic. This is a book that has lived up to every ounce of hype. It was everything I want it to be and Ben is the perfect cream puff to be protected at all times!

#12: Most beautiful book you’ve bought so far this year.

The Cerulean front cover

This book cover is sooooo beautiful I bought it just cause of that. I mean it sounds interesting as well but look at how pretty that cover is. Although there are a few runner ups which I will list below.

#13: What books do you need to read by the end of the year?

OMG I have so many books I need to read by the end of the year. The question is will I get the time to do so as well as the ARCs I need to read. Anyway, Wayward Son is being read as soon as I can get it in my hands. Same goes with most of these, there are a lot of good books coming out still this year and I just need to read them all.

Thanks for taking the time to read this long mid-year book check in as such. What have you read this year? If you have done the Tag or one similar link me in the comments!

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