February OwlCrate Unboxing

February 25, 2020

It’s that time of the month again, Owlcrate unboxing! This month brings us some exciting new things and an excellent theme. Now that I have more time on my hands I’m more likely to be doing these monthly. I would normally plug Owlcrate now but unfortunately, the March box is already sold out!!

Warning Spoilers Below!

This month’s theme was A Power Within which I was so very hyped up about as magic and witches are like my favourite thing to read about. I love reading about different types of magic systems and such. And this Spoiler card is so freaking cute, I might just have to get it framed! Once again OwlCrate hit it out of the darn park!

Truthewitch Metal Bookmarks:

These bookmarks are so super fine and beautiful. I love a good metal bookmark! Inspired by the Truthwitch series by Susan Dennard they have various symbols down the center with the Truthwitch logo laser cut on the top. One thing I love about these is the ruler along the side and as an avid bullet journal user, one is going right in my bujo for travel. The bookmarks were made by Hey Atlas Creative.

Wicked Saints Cloth:

First off as a glasses wearer and constant techaholic I am always looking for something to clean my glasses, my cellphone, camera lense, etc.. This double-sided Screen cloth inspired by Wicked Saints a book I *have* read and enjoyed was just what I needed. It even came with a nice carry bag and has gone right into my purse. This gorgeous cloth was designed by Nicole Deal (the image) and lettered by Leaf and Lore.

Throne Of Glass Playing Cards:

Okay So these cards are stunning, I don’t play cards and I haven’t and have no intention in reading the Throne Of Glass series, but still! What is shown is they are purple foil edged! Simply stunning! I’ve laid out all the illustrated cards for you, ace through 10 are just standard pips.

The Cards are designed by:
Overall Look – Michelle Gray
Hearts – Jo Painter
Diamonds – Salome Totladze
Spades – Diana Dworak
Clubs – Jana Runneck

The Magicians Key Chain:

OwlCrate is always good at reminding me that I haven’t read as much as I think I have. At least once a month half the items in the box come from books I haven’t read yet. This is one of those books, BUT I have watched some of the show so that counts riiiiiiight? Anyway, this key chain was designed by Blooming Library.

OwlCrate Bento Box:

I love some of the more unique things we get in the box, and this Bento box is definitely among those items. It is loosely based on the Mistborn series but really is just the perfect day to day lunch box with nice sturdy clasps and storage compartment for the included chopsticks and spoon. This was designed by Team OwlCrate.

Now we move to the book and enamel pins. Keep reading to see what book we got this month!

Chain Of Gold Sample By Cassandra Clare:

This was a pleasant surprise as it wasn’t included on the spoiler card. I know this is a very anticipated book for many people, so I might have a read through it, but first, my boyfriend who is a Cassandra Clare fan, gets to read it!

All The Stars And Teeth by Adalyn Grace:

This is a book I have been hearing more and more about lately and soI’m excited to see it here. The cover is absolutely stunning and I cannot wait to delve into it!

All The Stars and Teeth Badge:

I absolutely love the badges from OwlCrate , although I have noticed this year so far they have switched to a single prong instead of the double prong of the past, I wonder if this is a permanent change? This one so reminds me of Ursula’s crown from the Little Mermaid. It was designed by That’s Lovely Dear.

All that’s left in the box now is the sneak peek for next month’s box theme Through The Enchanted Forest. I’m excited because it’s going to include an exclusive reading planner! I have heard so many good things about this year’s reading planner so I can’t wait to get my hands on next years.

That’s everything in my OwlCrate box for February. I’m really happy with it all even though I haven’t read all the books that inspired the goodies. I did get two new books to read one of which I’m absolutely thrilled about. OwlCrate is 29.99 USD plus $19.99 USD shipping coming to $49.98 USD total. This equates to roughly $85 NZD, which might seem high in the end works out to be pretty decent considering a hardcover ew release is $45+ NZD.

If you would like to subscribe to OwlCrate you can do so either monthly, quarterly or half-yearly.

Do you belong to any bookish subscription boxes? Tell me down below!

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    That spoiler card is stunning!
    HOLY WOW that cover for All the Stars and Teeth is GORGEOUS!! I’m so envious (but in the good way).
    This is such an incredible post, Brooklynne! 💜

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